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My name is Cindy Choate, We are located 30 miles east of Memphis TN.
We take pride in our dogs and devote time and attention to the dog's temperament, physical health, intelligence, & trainablitiy. Conformation to breed standard and soundness are placed as top priority.
I have been training and breeding dogs for family companions since 1991. My love for the dogs led me to develop a program called
Castlerock's Special Assisting Canines. I worked periodically as an obedience instructor, teaching clicker training and other behavioral modification and basic obedience training skills.  Our first Service Dog was "Hope" a English Springer Spaniel who was on a Search and Rescue dog team. Then she was trained as a Emotional Therapy Dog
We know that you are not only looking to find the perfect pet, you are adding a new member to your family. Finding the right dog to fit your lifestyle or to assist you in therapy, working companion, or service dog to your family member is an important decision. Our goal is to assist you in selecting a dog with a personality and temperament that you will be perfect match for you! Weather this is your fist experience with owning a puppy, or you are a seasoned avid dog lover. We are committed to making this process smooth and pleasant for you.
Our Motto: 
Your home should be your castle and it should be built on a foundation as solid as a rock.
The English Springer Spaniel has been endowed with style, enthusiasm, and an "eager to please" quality common to most spaniels. He is recognized for his ability to keep going and going under adverse hunting conditions, which is partly due to his medium-sized, powerful body. He has long, hanging ears and a moderately long coat that can be black or liver with white, blue or liver roan, and tricolor. Types of English Springer Spaniels
We raise Bench Springers. And Imported Show/ Hunting titled blood lines As you begin your search for the perfect ESS, your going to see quite a variation of types and colors. Our main goal is to raise and place a loving family companion that is capable of doing a job most suitable for that family.