Castlerocks English Springer Spaniels
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When buying a puppy from Castlerock’s Special Assisting Canines you will have continued support throughout your dog's life. We love to keep in touch with our families and hear updates often. We continue to provide support and a source for any questions you may have as your pup grows.

Along with your Castlerock’s English Springer Spaniel, you will receive the following:
- A week of our Foundation Introduction Puppy Training
-A copy of their up to date vaccination & worming  record
-A new travel crate if flying
-A 2 year health guarantee for genetic disorders
-A instruction pamphlet  to help you continue your pups training, good manners
-A sample bag of puppy food and suggested healthy diet 
-A tote bag of treats, and a toy 
-A Birth Certificate or AKC registration papers
-A scent blanket
-Lifetime Breeder support

​We are confident that you will be delighted with your puppy for years to come! If you are interested in a puppy from Castlerocks Special Assisting Canines, or want to be the first to know of future upcoming litters, go to our Contact Page or email us at or call or text us at: 901-553-9401 

                    Important Details....

* Would you like to Reserve a Puppy from an upcoming Planned Litter? - Wonderful! Contact us and request that your name be placed on the puppy call back waiting list, there is no obligation and no deposit required for this litter announcement information. If you are ready to commit to getting a puppy from us and want to secure your puppy pick you will need to submit a $400. deposit to hold a pup. 
   Would you like a Puppy from an upcoming litter with a Confirmed Pregnancy or from a Present Litter? -Great! Reserve your puppy pick as soon as possible by contacting us and placing a $400 deposit on the litter of your choice, as our spectacular puppies find homes very quickly. Your deposit goes towards the final price of your puppy. 
   Are you 'doing your homework' and would like additional information about our Breeding Practices? - Excellent! This website contains a wealth of information including clickable links to things such as, Pedigrees with documented Health Clearances and pages that explain more About Us, info. about our Early Foundation Puppy Program, our Health Guarantee.
   At what age can I choose which Puppy I want? - First pick puppy choices will start with current deposits holders first ,Then on the puppy call back list ,and lastly the remaining reserved puppies will be open to the general public.
   When can I bring My Puppy Home? - Puppies may go to their new homes at 8-9 weeks old
   Would you like your Puppy Shipped? - We can ship by plane your puppy to you for an additional $400 or more depending on size of puppy & create, which includes the cost of the veterinarian's health certificate for the airlines.
   Would you like your Puppy Ground Delivered? - We can make arrangements with a privet ground shipper for you for additional $400. 
  Would you like to Pick Up Your Puppy from Castlerock - You are always welcome to pick up your adorable new addition here at castlerock you just need to make an appointment.  
  The cost involved in raising puppies has increased this year  starting at $ & $1700 - $1800 for full registration. From the cost of food to vaccines, plus everything in between, is factored into the price we ask for our puppies. Not only do we ensure that the puppies are happy and healthy here, we send them home with their own individual puppy pack to ensure that their happiness and healthiness continues on throughout their transition into their new home.
  A DEPOSIT  of $400. is required to hold a puppy until they are ready for their new homes. -  Payment made out to Cindy Choate with a Cashier's Check, Money Order, or PayPal?  (account e mail 
   Would you like to Pay Your Final Payment in Cash? - Perfect! You may wait until you pick up your puppy or your puppy is ground delivered to you at 8 weeks old. Would you like to Pay Your Final Payment with a Cashier's Check, Money Order, or PayPal? - Great! Your final payment will need to be received by Cindy Choate about 7-10 days before you are due to pick up your puppy. 
​If your schedule is conflicting with the 8 -9 week old puppy pick up time - Families needing to board their puppy at Castlerock after 9 weeks of age will be an additional $20 a day boarding fee. This boarding fee does not include advanced training. Speak with us about our continued training opportunities.
​​All puppies will be sold as "Pet Quality" and will hold no guarantees pertaining to breeding or show conformation or performance use.
How ever Seller will try and match the buyers "wish List" for desired conformation and temperament as close as possible. Puppies will be graded as to the AKC conformation and temperament with possible show prospects in mind. All parents are health tested X-rayed and genetic tested PRA/PFK 

What you can expect from Castlerock