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At Castlerock we have much experience with integrating a puppy into home life and developing the essential skills he/she will need to be a loving part of the family. We are amazed by the accelerated rate our puppies learn fundamental concepts using our methods and are happy to provide our puppy families the advantages of starting out with the introduction of basic obedience in your  companion puppy. Our puppies love to please, and it is a joy to see their eyes searching yours, asking what they can do for you. These puppies know to look to us for guidance, making eye contact and waiting for direction. This amazing amount of intelligence needs guidance Castlerock provides our Puppies and their new families the right direction to follow in order to strengthen their bond with their new puppy. These concepts and skills need to be continued after the puppies go home to their new families to help the puppy be the best companion he/she can be.  This litter will be priced at $900 pet companion limited AKC....

Every family is different and will have different goals for their new puppy. We will work with each family to better understand their individual needs and tailor our program to make sure each puppy has the best start in their new homes. If you would like more information on this program please email 
Foundation Training ( 1 Week) (Free!)
This basic training program is provided for every puppy from Castlerock at no additional cost. Foundation training begins at 7 weeks of age, 

Foundation Introduction Puppy Training

  Listed below are some common issues with dogs. If given the proper conditioning at a very young age, these issues would be much less likely to be such a mountain to climb in the future. This program focuses on conditioning to help ease the following issues:  


  *Nail Clipping *Ear Cleaning *Trimming around their paws *Teeth Cleaning *Grooming *Bathing  
  *Blow Drying *Handled by a stranger (like a vet, groomer, etc...) *Being Up on a Grooming Table  


  *Fireworks *Thunder *Baby Crying *Kids Playing *Gun Shots *Vacuum Cleaner *Traffic *Sirens  
  *Blow Dryer *Skateboards *Barking Dogs *Livestock *Machines & Tools *Train *Airport & MUCH MORE! 


  *Baby Strollers *People (Men) in Uniform *People wearing Hats *People using Walkers *Wheelchairs
  *People using Crutches *Bicycles *Kids Playing  
  *Walking on Different Floor Textures (Carpet, Vinyl, Foam, Plastic, Wood, Grass, Concrete, and more)

​Deposits and policies 

Option for Full Registration may be considered at a higher price
Our puppies are sold on a first come first serve basis. A $400 deposit is required to hold one of puppies and is
Please contact me if you are interested in a puppy with breeding rights. Full registration must be discussed with me before you send your deposit. DEPOSITS ON PUPPIES WITH FULL REGISTRATION IS $500 AND IS NON-REFUNDABLE. 
Shortly after the puppies are born I will contact you about the availability of your choice of sex/color. Deposit holders can start choosing their puppies when they are 3-4 weeks old. If there is not a puppy in this litter that meets your qualifications you may transfer your deposit to the next available litter. You can only transfer your deposit 1 time, you must choose a puppy from the litter that you have transferred your deposit to. If you decide to transfer your deposit to another litter you may forfeit the order in which you get to select your new puppy.
Please note that I reserve the right to have first-pick of any puppy(s) out of any litter continuing my line for future breeding/showing or to place in show homes.
Puppies are ready to go there their new homes when they are 8 weeks of age. Please make an appointment to pick up your puppy at this time. If you need to leave your puppy here longer we can usually do this. The 1st week there will be no extra charge but anything after the puppies nine week birthday will be at a rate of $20.00 per day. This helps cover the cost of caring for the puppy during this time.
If you have not contacted Castlerocks Special Assisting Canines by the time your puppy is 8 weeks old to make pickup arrangements we will assume that you are no longer able to get the puppy and your deposit will be forfeited and the puppy will be put back up for adoption.
Enclosed is my $400 deposit for an AKC English Springer Spaniel puppy from Castlerocks Special Assisting Canines with limited registration or $500 for a puppy with full registration. Deposits may be paid with a personal check, but the balance must be paid in CASH when you pick up your puppy. If puppy is being shipped the balance must be paid 2 weeks prior to the shipping date. Make checks payable to Cindy Choate . Castlerocks Special Assisting Canines reserve the right to refund/cancel any reservation up to date of sale if buyer cannot maintain good relations with breeder or if she feels you are providing an inadequate home for one of her dogs.
Please include your name, phone numbers, address, e mail address, website or facebook, in you information when e mailing your request to place a deposit on a puppy

Families needing to board their puppy Castlerock after 9 weeks of age an additional $20. a day boarding fee will be added to the total
PUPPIES were born March 13, 2018 
This is a beautiful paring of American Bench style and European Show Champion lineage 
We expect a very old time traditional solid marking black/white, liver white & possible tri. coats.
Tails will be docked. This breeding will be considered Family Companions and will be Limited no breeding wrights.The puppies will be ready to go home in the middle of May of 2018! 
Castlerocks Magnificent Martin 
Castlerocks Lacy May
New pictures will come soon.
4 boys l/w & b/w and 4 girls  1 l/w and 3 b/w
Grey collar L/W Male
Black collar L/W Male.
light brown collar L/W Male
dark brown collar B/W Male
Purple collar B/W Female
Yellow collar B/W Female

Lavender collar L/W Female 
​gold collar B/W Female
on hold
on hold